Ballin’ on A Budget

So.. I’m in my 20’s, I should be having fun right?

The Stress Is Real! (1)

Every elder I’ve ever met has always told me, “your twenties are your best years.” So why is it that I’ll be 25 in two months and my twenties have proven to be less than desirable. From finding a job to finding love, being a millennial is certainly a tough thing. According to an article written by Safia Samee Ali of NBC News, right now is of the toughest time to be a millennial. Most jobs paying an impressive salary require a degree – we take out loans to pay tuition, then we must repay those loans while making a decent living for ourselves.

Here I am – 24, with no children, unmarried, working, going to class, running a girl’s empowerment program, and being BORING. With most of my money going to bills and tuition, I’ve become a “budgeter.” While the spend category of my budget definitely exists, I’ve become extremely selective about what I decide to spend my money on. While Gucci and Prada are nice, this girl is fine with bargain shopping  (with the occasional splurge, of course.)

Most of us, work through our struggles, rarely complaining because we are told that this is “normal” and that this is what it means to be an adult. But what if it doesn’t have to be?

I’ve decided to try something new. I came across the “five dollar change” on Instagram as I was scrolling one day. In order to do this, you must put every five dollar bill you come across in a jar for a set length of time. This means any time you go get coffee, gas, or go grocery shopping and you have five dollar bills as change – put them away! You choose the length of time you want to save, whether it is monthly or an eight month period. From now up until the end of June, I’ll be putting all my fives aside in order to try some new things. Each month, I’ll check my total and use it try something I’ve never done. Even if it isn’t a trip to Paris and it ends up being a Groupon deal on a trip to the Bahamas – it’s time to ball on a budget and start enjoying this life!



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