What is Your Peace Worth?


Let me start this off by saying, ALL of my blog posts are written based on my feelings, thoughts, new learning, and experiences from week to week. Each week, I focus on discoveries that I find to be impactful and meaningful in my own self-love journey. This past week, I have been focusing on my personal definition of peace and what lengths I will go to protect my peace.

Earlier this week, I was on Twitter just minding my business (jk, that’s impossible lol) and I saw a tweet that said, “Girls need to understand that sex and cooked meals aren’t enough to keep a man anymore – you’ve got to be his peace.” My blood started to boil, I could feel the steam rising and coming out of my ears – I lost it. Naturally, my fingers went to work, unleashing a few tweets of my own.

At what point did we decide that being a man’s peace was more important than an equal exchange? Why do we believe that in order for a man to stick around, a woman must put her man’s peace above her own? This tweet was so troubling because it reminded me of the typical 1930’s societal gender roles.

The reality is, in being a man’s “peace”,  women are at minimum required to sacrifice our feelings, wants, and needs. We release some parts of ourselves for the sake of not getting on our man’s nerves and maintaining the harmony in our relationships. Relationships are partnerships that should be equally beneficial both parties. As partners, it is the shared responsibility of both parties to promote, support, and cherish the peace of each other.

Peace is a priceless possession, in that it is so valuable that it cannot be sold or traded. In ANY relationship, you are never to trade your peace for anything, let alone for someone else’s peace. The price you pay for sacrificing your personal peace is losing yourself – that’s too expensive! Find you someone that makes just as much effort to bring you tranquility as you do for them.


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