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This week I learned a valuable lesson about accountability. Too often we associate accountability with “keeping it real.” We think of accountability in terms of how our actions affect others and how honest we are about those actions. How often do you step back and access accountability in terms of our own lives?

As a teacher, summer break is essentially my time to decompress, refresh, and rejuvenate. I typically spend a lot of time reflecting, organizing, and planning as well. Recently, I have been really struggling emotionally with my post-college weight gain and feeling kind of down about it. I told myself that I’d spend this summer really trying to make some lifestyle changes. I ordered the GetbodiedbyJ workout program (she’s seriously good), purchased all kinds of workout equipment from loop bands to bare balls, got a new waist trainer, and committed to working out once a day. Not to mention, I pay for a Black card membership at Planet Fitness each month that I never use. At the beginning of the summer, I was ready!

I went to the doctor the other day and looked on the scale to see I had gained two pounds. TWO WHOLE POUNDS! I wanted to cry.. I wanted all my money back, but I had to sit back and really think about this. I had been stress eating horrible foods and only worked out twice this past week. I had to ask myself, “Did I do everything I was supposed to do?” I needed to hold myself accountable for not only my actions, but my inability to see through the tasks I set forth to accomplish a goal.

I realized that there are three types of accountability:

  1. Actions (Ex. Decisions you make, your attitude, how you handle adversity, etc.)
  2. Tasks (Ex. Doing your job, running errands, being on time, completing your To-Do list, etc.)
  3. Goals (Ex. Career advancement, marital goals, educational goals, etc.)

While I believe that many things in life are inevitable, there are certainly instances where we must sit back and access our role in a situation. Holding yourself accountable is essential to personal development and advancement – it is a vital piece of reflection. After taking a step back, I realized that we should place as much emphasis on our responsibilities and goals as we do on our actions. So, this week take a look at the things that are going on in your life – acknowledge that this is your life, only you can control it, and be responsible!

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