We all need a little – Motivation!


Today I wanted to come to you guys with a different vibe. Rather than teaching a lesson or giving advice, I really just want to tell you guys how amazing you are! I wanted to take today to celebrate you. If I can be totally honest with you, the last 4 months of my life have been a total wreck. I share small pieces of my life through conversation and through my blog, but no one truly knows the depth of any personal issues I have. Instead, I put my best game face on and I work hard not to show how my experiences have changed me and my relationships with others. I have recently considered that there are so many of you, like me, who are experiencing some form of struggle all while doing your best to keep it together. Today I just wanted to say – I SEE YOU BABY!

Just this past weekend, my family and friends gathered for one of our typical mother-daughter events. After a day of swimming, barbecue, drinks, and laughter we put the munchkins to sleep and the adult ladies sat by the pool engaging in conversation. During this time, we were able to share our experiences as different women, as well as making connections among the group. While our mother-daughter events are often loads of fun, they can be equally emotional as we share our truths in a safe space. It was during this time that I realized how much support, validation, and acknowledgment from time to time motivates me to keep pushing. I made it my mission in this week’s blog post to highlight and motivate all of you. I’ve been scrolling down my timeline seeing so many of you starting businesses, starting families, getting degrees, new homes, and promotions – I am so proud of you! Even when you think no one sees you, we do!

For those of you that are struggling whether financially, with your health, in school, at your job, in your relationship – I’m telling you what I wished someone would tell me, IT IS GOING TO BE OKAY! I have always been a person that struggles to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but just because it isn’t as bright, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. For every morning you still get out of bed, every time you crack open that book to study for the class you’re failing, every time you walk into the job you hate, and every time you find a small victory in a bad day – you’re making progress. Now is the time to push harder than you’ve ever pushed, grind harder than you ever have! It gets tough, but you must stay the course. Don’t worry about all the drivers next to you because only you can get yourself to the destination.

You are AMAZING, you can do ANYTHING, trust YOURSELF!

As I have mentioned before, my site and direct messages are always open for comments, questions, and feedback, but most importantly I am here to motivate and encourage! I truly love you guys for going on this journey with me and I am here to support each of you on your own. Hope to hear from you soon!

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