God’s Plan

Most often when I am drafting my blog post for the week, I go back and forth about whether I should include my religious perspective of things considering I don’t necessarily know the beliefs of my readers. I’ve always felt like I would never want to offend anyone, for fear of steering readers away from the lesson to be learned. However, this week I sat down and really considered that this is MY blog and choosing to hold back my beliefs is depriving you guys of a piece of my journey. Today I want to talk about the power of prayer.

As a little girl, I was certainly in church – being at grandma’s house meant that you were getting up on Sunday, putting on that dress and stockings you hated in order to make your way to church service. At different points in my childhood, my grandmother made sure my siblings, cousins, and I had served on ministries as ushers and singers in the children’s choir. We were also each baptized and sent to pre-teen/teen bible study. Like many people, during my teenage and early adult years I stopped going to church as often and began to question faith. At one point I was very adamant with my mother about not going, but instead learning about other religions because I wanted being a Christian to be my choice, rather than what I was told to be. More recently, I’ve been trying to attend church alone and more frequently in order to gain the experience by myself. I’ve also began to pray a TON, realizing that prayer doesn’t always mean you’re getting down on your knees with your eyes closed – sometimes it’s that silent drive to work where you are telling God how grateful you are for his blessings.

I’ve always asked myself why people feel like they’re prayers aren’t being answered, it wasn’t until I learned how to pray that I realized the prayers ARE getting answered, it just doesn’t always happen in the way we’d like.  Asking God to send you a cool fifteen thousand from the clouds in order for you to go buy that Birkin bag you want probably just isn’t going to happen, however asking him to place you on a righteous path that he has designed for you which will allow you to take care of your family is truly a prayer worth answering. Not only must we be clear and purposeful with what we are asking for, but we must be reflective enough to recognize when our prayer has been answered. For the last five months, I’ve prayed consistently for God to guide me on the path he has designed for me, reveal all things unseen, and empty me enough so much that I am filled with him. In that time, I’ve lost so much and was so devastated – never realizing that this is what I asked for! Answered prayers and blessings don’t always come in the way, shape, or form that we might expect, but trust me they are there. No matter your religion or beliefs, the power of prayer not only allows you to open up to receive blessings, but it also shifts your perspective. It allows you to be more conscious, reflective, optimistic, and flexible!


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