Eminent Lady Brunch Series

This week’s post is more of an announcement!

Brunch Flyer.png

When I started writing this blog, I didn’t realize that people would actually read it and most certainly didn’t imagine that you guys would like it! Since my first blog post a few months ago, I feel like the feedback about my own personal journey and the lessons I’ve been learning has been amazing. I started to consider how passionate I am about the empowerment of girls and women, trying to figure out ways to grow that passion into a brand. I started to make t-shirt designs, developing business plans, creating workshops ideas, started developing my own curriculum with original content, and creating ideas for events. Suddenly.. I just stopped. I looked at all my ideas filling the pages of my notebook and started to feel small. I started to ask myself,” What makes you think YOU can do all of this?” So, I tucked my notebook away and hadn’t been thinking too much about it.

It wasn’t until three weeks ago that I decided to throw an Eminent Lady Brunch – it would be my first event and an opportunity to meet and greet with my readers. I truly had to talk myself into it! And now I’m actually throwing an event, like a real one! Of course, in my mind I’ve been thinking,” What if no one shows up? What if people hate my event? What if everything I thought about myself was true and I can’t do this?” So, do you know what I did? On Tuesday, I made the event public and made tickets available for purchase, I knew that once it was out there I had no choice but to follow through with having the event. It’s been four days since I released the information and each day I’ve been working to affirm my ideas and vision for the Eminent Lady brand.

See the thing is, why should I really care if people show up? Why should it matter if things don’t turn out perfect? What should matter most is that this is something I am passionate about and it is what has been helping me to grow. Because this is my first event, it will truly be a special experience not only for myself but for those in attendance. I am hoping this event will set the tone for my growing brand which is based on the unique individual reflection, analysis, truth, and vulnerability of millennial woman like myself. Let’s come together and build each other up!

I am inviting you to the Eminent Lady Brunch Series! There will be two brunch events in different locations. The first event will be held November 18th, 2018 in Philadelphia, PA (specific location will be revealed to ticket holders closer to event date) and the second event will take place in Baltimore, MD in December (specific date to come).

Tickets for the Philadelphia event are currently on sale for purchase, you don’t want to miss this! Though I tell you all the time, I truly appreciate all of you guys for your continued support and willingness to join the journey to self-love with me!

For Tickets:  https://bit.ly/2NKvZoI


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