“Keep that same energy!”

Throughout my growth period, I have been very transparent with people about my beliefs on energy. Like the Basic Laws of Attraction, the Laws of Even Energy Exchange exist as well. In any form of connection, whether it is a friendship or a relationship – I believe that you must reciprocate the energy you are receiving from another individual. Energy can be exchanged through social media, physical touch, conversation/reflection, television, etc. Every time you interact with someone, you are absorbing some their energy and transferring some of your own. Have you ever noticed that your interactions with certain people make you feel amazing or leave you feeling refreshed? On the contrary, have you ever felt drained after spending time with a friend? The energy we absorb has the potential to impact our personal feelings, emotions, actions, opinions, ideas, and perspectives.

I recently had to reflect on the people I choose to keep around me. During that time, I thought about my friendship with one person in particular. I have known this person for many years and within the last two or three years we have become distant – only seeing each other every few months.  I had chalked the distance up to “adulting” and difference in career paths. In the past, we always had fun together and shared many intense laugh sessions.  However, it was when I began reflecting on our friendship in its entirety that I identified an energy imbalance. I’ve spent much of my time celebrating their accomplishments, sending words of encouragement, and checking in. However, it has been very seldom that I have received the same energy back. When we were talking, we would only discuss the gossip and there was always a slight hint of shade accompanied in their responses to my vulnerability. I had always chosen to believe that those things were just characteristics of this person’s personality, but in hindsight there has always been an energy imbalance in our connection. I no longer wondered why our friendship has been slowly ending.

It is your job to protect you own energy because most people are subconsciously only concerned with their interpersonal energy needs. In reflection, I recognize the Laws of Even Energy Exchange as being responsible for every relationship or friendship I’ve ever lost. Think about it – you and your friend stopped being friends because you grew apart or they weren’t being a good friend. You and your spouse broke up because you weren’t compatible, trust was lost, someone cheated, etc. All of these reasons are examples of an uneven energy exchange, at some point one of you was not holding up your end of the rope. Most often there is one individual that gives more than they are receiving, they then reach a breaking point where they feel they must ultimately end the connection. When you consider loss as a result of an imbalance in energy, it allows you to reflect on your own energy and move on from situations at a quicker pace. Take a second to re-evaluate the connections you have with those around you and the energy you both exchange – it is vital in order for growth!


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