Eminent Lady Brunch: Philly Edition

This past Sunday marked the launch of my first Eminent Lady Brunch, making its first stop in Philly. Guests joined me at FishPop Philly event space for brunch, mingling, networking, and a powerful discussion hour. The discussion hour was broken down into three segments: growth, relationships, and friendships. As I was able to share my personal narrative, the audience answered questions to share their perspectives on each concept. One of my favorite questions of the afternoon was, “What are some of the biggest and toughest lessons you’ve learned in your growth season?” One of my guests answered that the biggest lesson that she is currently learning is how to support herself. I found myself fighting back tears as it felt like she was reading my mind.

Often we look to others – family, friends, and significant others to confirm and support our ideas and the things that we are interested in. When you don’t feel people support you or see your vision, it is easy to want to give up on your dreams, hopes, and goals. As much as we like to pretend that the support of others does not serve as motivation, we are fooling ourselves. Support or lack thereof can serve as our driving force in almost anything we do. Whether you are looking to make people proud or trying to prove something to those who don’t support you – the support of others can influence our drive. It takes extreme courage to live and act based on your own desires and true feelings. This event was the first time I did something solely for me! I made the choice to believe in the possibilities of starting a brunch series, despite the support I may or may not have received.

Leading up to the event, I wanted to cancel it so many times. I released the date of the Eminent Lady Brunch three months prior to the event and for a while I would only think of all the things that could go wrong. I was filled with worry about whether people would show up, if my food would be good, locking down a venue after three failed attempts, what kind of giveaways to give – the list goes on. As it became crunch time, almost a month away from the event – I began to realize why I started my blog in the first place. My blog wasn’t made for anyone, but me! I started my blog to express my feelings in ways that I was unable to in conversation with people. My brunch series is no different, this was a chance for me step out of my comfort zone. I had to remove my feelings about what other people might think about my event and just do it! And boy did I do it! November 18th, 2018 was one of the happiest days of my life. Thank you guys again for joining me on my journey, I am truly grateful for all of those who came to my event and continue to read my blog each week.


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