Identifying Karma

This week, I’d like to talk about karma. Karma is the universe’s natural reaction to an individual’s specific action. All the words, thoughts, and actions we put out are translated into an energy which returns to us at some point. If you go around doing harm and treating others poorly, you can surely expect a return on your deposit to the universe. The funny thing about karma is you never know when or how it will come – you’ll never be prepared for it.

Often, people confuse karma with life lessons. Rather than accepting an unfortunate circumstance as a repercussion of something they’ve done, people chalk their circumstances up as a “life lesson.” Life lessons are the inevitable trials and challenges we face, which are designed to teach us and help us grow to be better people. Most often, once you have faced a challenge and learned the intended lesson, you approach life with new knowledge – never having to “re-learn” that specific lesson. However, karma can be reoccurring because it is a concept of cause and effect. If you continuously put out negativity, you will continue to receive that energy back. Furthermore, life lessons are those that everyone goes through, while karma is directly correlated to the words, thoughts, and actions of an individual. The karma you receive will never be the same as another.

A few years ago, I was dating a guy who could never tell the difference (you guys know I love telling you my personal life lol). Anyhoo, he had spent most of his life making poor decisions and found entertainment in intentionally hurting others, all the while living a comfortable life. I met him at a time in his journey where he was trying to change and be a better person. Unfortunately, things in his life started to fall apart and the life he once knew was no more. Day in and day out, he fell into his “woe is me” moods, wallowing in self-pity, and losing all motivation to press forward. Somehow, he struggled to recognize that the loss of his previous luxuries and the poor treatment he was now receiving from people was a result of the all the hurt he had caused over so many years. It never occurred to him that the pain he was now feeling was the same pain he had put others through, including me. Rather than acknowledge and take accountability for the negativity he had put out into the universe and use that to learn his lesson (what goes around, comes around), he sank further.

The difficulty in not recognizing the difference between karma and a life lesson is that people miss their opportunity to gain understanding about why negative things may be happening in their lives. Karma and life lessons can go hand-in-hand in that acknowledging karma has the ability to teach us a lesson, but life lessons aren’t always a result of something you’ve done wrong. Reflecting on the potential impact of karma in our lives allows us to reach new levels of self-awareness and serve as motivation to exert positive energy.

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