New Beginnings!

For the past seven long years, I have made Maryland my stomping grounds. After graduating from Morgan State University (We are the bears), I made the decision to take the first teaching job that was offered to me because I was too afraid to move back home. I was afraid that I’d turn into the girl who got “stuck” and stayed stagnant after moving back to Philadelphia. I also knew that Philly didn’t have much to offer me at the time. When I was fresh out of college, most of my friends had moved away or we’d grown apart, I didn’t have many job offers on the table, and I refused to move back in with my parents. However, throughout these past seven years I had already known that Maryland wasn’t my last stop. While I am grateful for the time I’ve spent here over the years, which helped me to grow my independence and maturity – It’s time to go!

As I’ve mentioned to you guys previously, I’m currently finishing up my Masters in Educational Leadership. With a new degree, I’ll be looking to find a brand new job. Why not take this opportunity to earn a fresh start? After much reflection and deliberation, I’ve decided I’m moving to New Jersey! I’ve known for a while that it was time for me to move out of Maryland, but just couldn’t decide where I’d go next. For awhile I strongly considered making the move to Raleigh, NC. In doing my research, Raleigh has been listed in the “U.S. Top 12 Up and Coming Neighborhoods” and labeled as the next startup business hub. Furthermore, as an aspiring homeowner, the prices of real estate in the southern area are certainly eye-catching. Unfortunately, the more and more I thought about it – the fear of moving so far away with no plan has me petrified.

When making my decision to move to New Jersey, I had to ask myself many questions about myself and my future goals. While moving a far distance scares me, I still have no desire to live in the inner city of Philly. I’ve come to the conclusion that I would like to live close enough to the city that it’s just a short drive away, but far enough that the area isn’t as busy. Additionally, I considered how family oriented I am. While I’d lose my mind living right next door to my parents or siblings, having grown up in such a large family makes me miss them terribly when they’re away. With goals to start a family, I also know I have a strong desire to be close to my mother as the process may be difficult and I might find myself needing her support. Also, New Jersey offers higher paying salaries in the education industry. New Jersey definitely isn’t my priority choice, but is the safe choice for right now. While I don’t think it will be my last stop either, I figure I can use the opportunity to run the bag up before finally finding a place to settle down.

New job. New place. New chapter. Jersey get ready, here I come!

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