For the Lovers! V-Day Edition


We’re a week away from Valentine’s Day so it’s only right that I do a blog for the lovers! This week I figured I’d give you some tips on preparing for that special day. If you’re anything like me, Valentine’s Day has always been hit or miss. It was either really great or it totally sucked! This year will be the first Valentine’s Day that I am single, which has me wondering what I’d like to do. I often hear people say that the holiday is corny and irrelevant. I beg to differ, V-Day is the perfect opportunity to share and show your love for your spouse. While I don’t believe this holiday should be the only time you go above and beyond for your significant other, it’s an opportunity to spice things up! The trouble I always have is considering how far above and beyond I should go. Realistically, the effort you put into making things special is easily based on your relationship with the person you intend to spend time with (Totally not renting a luxury villa in Cancun for a guy I’ve been on two dates with). So, let’s talk about potential plans at different levels of connection!

  1. For the SINGLE singles. So, you’re single and you have no idea what to do. You don’t want to do too much, but you’d also like to avoid scrolling on Instagram with the jealous face while other girls are posting their dates. What should you do? Turn it into a Galentine’s Day! Me and my best girlfriends love binge watching and we LOVE love. Cook a bomb meal (or order takeout lol), find your favorite Rom-coms, and curl up on the couch! Valentine’s day is supposed to be about love, but that doesn’t always have to be romantic love. I’d choose a day with my girls over anything else.
  2. For the SORT OF singles. You aren’t in a relationship, but you’re not completely single either (this is me lol). This is a hard space to be in because you don’t know who to spend time with or what you’d like to do. Whatever you do, you don’t want to do too much because then what will you save for the relationship? Lightly romantic activities are the way to go – make new memories together! Register for a couples cooking class, go to a sports game (maybe you’ll get caught on a kisscam), go chocolate tasting, or head to the winery. There are a ton of things to do that help you grow intimacy, but still keep things fun!
  3. For the OFFICIAL girls. In a long-term relationship romance can be a little different. You spend way more time with your significant other at this point and building intimacy is something you guys have down packed. Why go all out for Valentine’s Day when you do special things for your significant other all year round, right? WRONG! The reality is life and comfortability set in and things aren’t always as eventful as movies portray. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to add in a little spark. Try a dance lesson, go on a “staycation”, visit a perfumery and make a new fragrance, or enjoy a couple’s massage. Spend the day trying things you normally don’t do together.

Don’t spend the day alone, grab a friend or a boo and have an amazing time!


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