Interview w/ Ms. Young HomeOwner

This week I decided to bring something new to my platform for you guys! While my blog is a documented journey to self-love, designed to inspire others, I’d also like to motivate women by providing information and resources. I switched it up a bit by collaborating with Ms. Young Homeowner to provide you guys with information on purchasing homes. The founder of Ms. Young Homeowner, Maya Mitchell, shared some great insight and tips on the process.



Maya Mitchell is a DMV native that is passionate about educating and empowering black millennial women to pursue home-ownership. Two years after graduating from Hampton University, Maya purchased her first home in Prince George’s County, MD. She created her first-of-its-kind platform, Ms. Young Homeowner, to be a resource and community for black millennial women navigating home-ownership. Maya enjoys traveling the world and decorating her home.



Question: Tell me about what has influenced you to start the “Ms. Young Homeowner” resource and community for young women navigating home-ownership.

  • “From childhood, my parents always taught me the importance of financial education and freedom. They taught me early that building wealth is attainable and cultivated that mindset in me. Taking those foundational principles I was taught, combined with my own internal  drive – I purchased my first home at 24! Along my home-ownership journey, I learned that while home-ownership is definitely doable, it takes hard work! There are so many moving parts, a lot you have to learn, and I was doing it all on my own. So, I wanted to create something for young black women to help steer them on their home-ownership journey. A resource and community of sisters that would educate and inspire young black women to invest in real estate. And now just over a year later, here we are, Ms. Young Homeowner!”

Question: Based on the Census Bureau’s Housing Vacancy Survey, millennial home-ownership is now at 37%. What influences do you believe impact that percentage?

  • “I’m praying that millennials are starting to realize the value in purchasing a home versus renting an apartment. I will say that while the overall millennial home-ownership rate may be 37 percent, the rate for black millennials is 14 percent (Urban Institute), and that’s even lower for black millennial women. That’s why organizations like Ms. Young Homeowner are so important. We’re educating women on the home-buying and real estate, supporting them through the process, and inspiring them to keep going, and to know that home-ownership as a young black woman is possible!”

Question: What do you believe are the common misconceptions millennials have about home-ownership?

  • “I think a lot of millennials believe you have to have much more money than you actually do to purchase a home, or even put a deposit down. Most home deposits are between 3 to 10 percent of the total home cost. Sometimes, you can get even away with putting nothing down if you utilize the right down-payment assistant and/or first-time home buyer program. Investing in real estate can also be a huge investment and financial gain. Millennials are hustlers, and we are always trying to make moves. If you purchase a property, you can improve your credit, which will help you financially, and eventually even sell it and rent out to someone, making even more money!”

Question: What is the hardest part of the home buying process?

  • “I’d say the unknown components of it all. There are so many moving parts that many people are not educated on. It’s much more than just hiring a realtor. You’ll have a mortgage lender, seller, appraiser…and it can get overwhelming really quickly! It can also be intimidating when dealing with large amounts of money, especially when it’s your own! But the end result is totally worth it. There’s nothing like owning your own home and building equity, especially at a young age.”

Question: What are some tips/advice you have for young people looking to purchase homes?

  • “The first thing I always advise people who are looking to purchase is to pay off any reoccurring/outstanding debts you have and save, save, save!!! If you have any major credit card debt, student loans, car note, etc., try to reduce it as much as possible. It’ll help with your debt-to-income ratio which is something mortgage lenders factor when issuing home loans. Secondly, do a personal assessment on your finances and your overall fitness to be a homeowner. Do you have a firm understanding of your monthly expense’s vs income? Do you know how much you’re able to afford monthly for a mortgage? Furthermore, do you know what type of property you want to purchase? What about locations? Do you plan to be in the area for less than 3 years? All of these questions should be evaluated prior to finding a realtor. Lastly, do your research! Research mortgage interest rates, your potential neighborhood, the various types of properties available, (condo vs townhome vs single-family vs duplex, etc.), real estate trends (is it a buyers or seller’s market?), loan types…basically just tune into our YouTube channel, Ms. Young Homeowner! We just launched Season 2 and this season we sat down with home and real estate professionals, financial and credit experts, and other professionals that provide key information to guide you through the home buying process!”

Check it out here:




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