Eminent Lady Poconos Trip + UPDATES!

Back in December, I decided to host an Eminent Lady Poconos Trip as an opportunity to do something fun for supporters of my brand. Leading up to the trip, anxiety kicked in (per usual) and I wanted to cancel. I was so worried about how many people would show up, what they’d eat, what activities they’d like to do, etc. When the time for the trip finally arrived, I was so glad that I continued on with my vision. The house we stayed in was absolutely amazing – decked out with 6 bedrooms (w/ multiple beds), 3 bathrooms, a  basement game/entertainment room, open floor plan, a wrap around porch, AND a wrap round balcony on the second floor. We had access to boats on the lake, just outside in the backyard. The property was on a full acre of private land, allowing us the privacy to play our loud music without disturbing our neighbors.

My ultimate favorite part was that the Poconos area allowed for everyone to do their own activities. If you notice in the video, I only filmed the boat ride. However, we had made an attempt to go to the gun range as a group (epic fail! lol) and additionally the guys went snow tubing on their own. Though we spent much of our time in the house, we still had an amazing time! Our little weekend getaway was certainly much needed.

Toward the close of the trip, we discussed having another one when the weather gets warmer. Here’s the catch – this time, it’ll be a couples trip! Be on the look out for details 🙂


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