HUGE Announcement


This week I am coming to you guys with something different. My typical blogging approach consists of me sharing personal experiences and lessons I’ve learned from them. Today I want to be very candid and open with you. Each week I preach to you guys about self-love and how significant it is. A large part of understanding self-love is recognizing that it is a journey. Based on what many of us have learned about journeys, we know that there are ups and downs – right now I’m experiencing a down.

As I’ve previously shared in different blog posts – I am a 4th grade teacher, a graduate student, facilitator of a girl’s empowerment after-school program, a blogger, and a new vlogger. Let’s additionally sprinkle on top – host of an event series and a struggling dater (lol). Oh yea.. let’s not forget that I am gearing up to move to New Jersey, so I’m actively apartment and job hunting. Amid all these things, while I have been good to other people, I have not been good to myself. I pride myself on giving out inspiration and motivation like its candy – it costs me nothing to give away what comes naturally to me. However, I’ve been overworking myself, telling myself it’s fine because “I can do anything. While multi-tasking and having multiple hustles is so common, we must consider – are we ever mastering anything if we must split our time, energy, and effort into several things?

Moreover, my social life has become challenging as I find myself trying to keep up with everyone around me. I look at many people on trips, hanging out, and living their best lives – I want that too. I recently was planning to go on a trip to Atlanta with friends and two weeks before the trip I cancelled. I had already bought my plane ticket and everything. Unfortunately, I looked at my life with all the things I have going on and realized going to Atlanta was spending money and time that I can’t get back. While it seems small, I considered that I might go to Atlanta and spend roughly $500-600. The same $500-600 that I’d spend in Atlanta I could be investing into my IRS non-profit filings, put it toward my new furniture fund, or a venue rental for my next event. I realized that I can’t live like my friends do because the transitions in my life currently just aren’t set up that way.

Ultimately, this led to a very large decision that I had to make.. I’ve decided to push the Battle of The Sexes Brunch back to July 14th, 2019. I have struggled for weeks with this decision because I felt like I’d look like a failure, having pushed back the date once already. With everything that’s been going on, I haven’t had the opportunity to plan or promote the event in the way that I originally had hoped to. While I know it could be pulled off (cause I’m the bomb), I want to give you guys something that was well thought out. Summer is the best time for my next event because my life will have settled down and I will be able to primarily focus on providing you guys with an event you won’t forget. It’ll definitely be over the top! I am extremely thankful for those of you that have rode this journey with me thus far and truly believe in what I am doing. The Eventbrite for the event is still open (dates have been altered), therefore tickets are still on sale. Early bird ticket sales have been extended to June 1st, 2019. I hope to see you guys there!

Battle of the Sexes Brunch 2


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