Recap: Mommy and Me Event April 18th

Shortly after having my son, I realized I was going through post-partum depression. My mood and behavior was very different. I was struggling trying to relearn myself and learn to be a good mom at the same time. When I spoke to the older women in my life, the only advice they really offered was, “Yea it’ll get better” … “We know it’s hard that’s why we tell younger women to wait.” If I’m being honest, those conversations made me feel like I had to suck it up and suppress my feelings. I figured maybe I was just being dramatic about my experience. After months of feeling the same way, I sought out millennial mommy groups. I was looking for groups of women who may be experiencing some of the same challenges and/or feelings. I participated in a few virtual “Mommy and Me” classes and joined some Facebook groups, but never really felt like I fit. SO, I decided to just make my own! I didn’t need a group with 100+ moms, I simply wanted a close-knit group of women that I could be vulnerable with, support, encourage, and build positive relationships with. I began hosting informal meetups at Kelly Drive during Summer 2020 for moms to get together, connect, and get in some exercise.

After taking a 6-month break, I hosted my first indoor mommy meetup event on April 18th from 1-3pm at “Beehive @ Bok.” This was different from the previous gatherings because it was an actual event. I had to develop a plan, find a venue, sell tickets, purchase refreshments, put thought into gift bags, etc. I was VERY nervous! To be honest, nothing went as planned. I was running late and didn’t have any set-up help, all while trying to entertain my toddler. I was feeling discouraged because half of my guests did not show up and we didn’t really engage in the discussion questions I pre-planned. Instead, I released my self from the pressure of perfection and let everyone enjoy themselves. I realized I didn’t need to lead a discussion because they led it themselves. Once all introductions were made, the kids gravitated toward each other to play, and the group of women just naturally bounced from different topics. One of my biggest takeaways is that moms don’t necessarily always need self-help or to be told how to be the best they can be. As a mother, I had to acknowledge that sometimes we just want a break and an opportunity to be around people we identify with. For just those few hours, you’re not just a mom, but a homegirl and a woman having fun.. and I loved being able to provide that experience!

Moving forward my goal is host one event each month, welcoming an array of moms! If you or someone you know is interested, DM me or comment on this post!

Check out some of the pictures: (I did not record video to maintain privacy of the conversations)

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